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Budo-Nord Vortex karatedräkt är en tävlingsdräkt (kumitedräkt/kumitegi) Dräkten är WKF-Approved.

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For those who want the absolute best, this is a must! 


Budo-Nord Vortex uniform is a competition uniform (kumite uniform / kumitegi) The uniform is WKF-Approved.


Budo-Nord Vortex is similar to a common karate uniform, but is a highly functional sports textile - an elite uniform. When ordinary uniforms stick to the body, Budo-Nord Vortex has an embossed inside that ensures that there is always air between the uniform and the skin. When a regular uniform feels heavy, Budo-Nord Vortex is still feather-light. Something you notice most clearly on the competition mat when the margins are small.


Regular uniforms shrink and may lose color after a number of washes, but Budo-Nord Vortex keeps its size and remains shiny white. Vortex also has Budo-Nord's Cool-Fight Concept, with ventilated zones, proper aeration and high comfort.


Trousers with elastic and drawstring waist and with ventilated zones. New cutting on shoulders and sleeves provides a perfect fit.


Kumite uniform that has become a favorite among many in the WKF elite around the world and is a national team uniform in Denmark, Ukraine, Portugal and several top fighters in the world. Stanislav Horuna Ukraine 2 in the WKF ranking and Katrine Pedersen Denmark 11 in the WKF ranking, Filip Reis Portugal 11 on the WKF ranking etc. uses this uniform. 


The uniform shrinks extremely little (washing in 40%), dries quickly and looks fresh without being ironed.


Available in Regular sizes.


• Very light.

• High comfort and freedom of movement.

• Ventilated zones.

• Dries quickly.

• Ironless.

• Popular kumite uniform in the WKF elite.


You can choose Premier League embroidery as an option in red or blue, see the pictures on Stanislav. The embroidery includes the "Budo-Nord" logo on the shoulders as well as on the right chest and neck.


We invite you to the embroidery during the introduction, the only thing you need to do is to email us your order number and what color you have chosen at info@budofitness.se in connection with your order. You can also choose above embroidery with white shoulder embroidery and gold embroidery on the chest and neck.






Additional Information

SKU 10099-000
Unit pcs
Brand Budo-Nord
Color White
Materials Cotton 100%
White belt included No
Stile uniform Karate

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