Environmental Policies

SBI Sport AB will offer affordable products with high functionality and quality. Considering environmental and economical factors we strive to use materials and a line of production that presents a minimal environmental impact.

  • We view the current environmental legislation and other regulations as the minimum requirements for our company. 
  • During production of products within our own brands (Budo-Nord, Fighter) we use production methods and materials with the least possible impact to the furthest achievable extent (e.g. ”Fighter Fair Fight”). 
  • We also try to limit the impact of the goods transports to the utmost extent. We do this by limiting the number of transports, shipping larger consignments and utilizing certified conveyors. 
  • We try to limit our environmental impact in or daily work in any possible way. Any returned goods will be reused or recycled before destruction. 
  • Other types of waste from our daily operation will be sorted and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner, hazardous materials are treated in a responsible and safe way. 
  • We continuously strive to update and improve our routines on this matter.
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