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The contents of our policy may be subject to change; consequently, you are advised to review it every time you visit our webpage. 


Personal data 
Any data that you submit, e.g. name, address and phone number will be stored and used within the company. SBI Sport AB will disclose all of your stored personal information.

When placing an order with you consent to us using your information. We use your information to provide you the service you expect and to be able to fulfill our obligations towards you, e.g. delivering the goods that you have ordered.
If any problems arise regarding delivery etc. we will utilize the information provided in order to come in contact with you.

Your information will also be used to send out the SBI Newsletter, catalogues and other offers and discounts to you.
You are free to contact us if you want to receive an update on what information we have stored about you.
If any of the stored information is inaccurate or incomplete it can be corrected or removed. Contact

When you make a purchase with us in our online store your information will be protected via encryption SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). 

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer. Cookies are necessary for the ordering feature to work. They also provide us with statistics on our visitors (e.g. statistics on the number of visitors on our webpage).
Without the use of cookies you would not be able to go back in the ordering process with out having to enter all of you information again each time.
Cookies does not provide us with information about you as a user, and it is not able to pass on any adware or viruses to your computer. 

It is possible to choose to not allow any cookies at all in your web browser, instructions for this are normally found in your browsers “help”-texts.
Choosing not to allow cookies in your browser may cause you to not being able to access all pages, and some pages may present error-messages.
You can set your browser to provide you with a warning every time a webpage sends you a cookie. When the warning is displayed, you have the choice to allow it or not. You also have the choice to permanently ban all cookies.
We use cookies to store your information. This way you do not have to re-enter all of your information each time you visit our website. We will also be able to see if you have visited our website previously, and which pages you have been on. We will not store any personal information about you: we only use the cookies to receive overall statistics, which allows us to change and improve our website and to facilitate your visits with us.

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The links are provided on our website to facilitate your experience and provide you with easier ways of finding information on specific subjects.


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